Indigenous acknowledgement

FCNS is on the traditional territory of the Nipmuc people and we recognize that they were the original stewards of the land on which we live and work.


pronounced (Tan-no-Keh-tea-onk) 

“The word is Nipmuc for Garden, Garden in the most comprehensive way; a Place were living things are cultivated, nurtured and cared for in a spiritually holistic way …Tanohkehteaonk as a place where young minds are the garden and they will grow in a nurtured environment along with the trees, water, plants and wildlife. Sharing with and learning from one another and developing a mutual respect for all life.” –Larry Spotted Crow Mann

Mukkiah Weesug

pronounced (moo-Kai-ya Wee-sug)

The Nipmuc people have a tale about the Mukkiah Weesug who are little people. Larry Spotted Crow Mann has a book of Algonquian tales of the Nipmuc Tribe called Drumming & Dreaming in which the Mukkiah Weesug tale is retold. You can find this book and other works from Larry Spotted Crow Mann at 

At FCNS, we honor this early tale of the Nipmuc people with a place for the children to send and receive messages from the Mukkiah Weesug.