Our Classes


Toddlers/Young 3's

We have 1 classroom for children ages 2.0 to 2.11



We have 3 classrooms for children ages 3.0 to 3.11



We have 3 classrooms for children ages 4.0 and above

School Year Classes

September to June classrooms

A child is eligible for a class by their age as of August 31st. Children do not transition into the next class by their age but by how they will matriculate into elementary school.

Low teacher:student ratios

Our lowest class size is 1 teacher to 7 preschoolers but our average is 2 teachers to 9 children. Our Pre-K classrooms are 2:10, 2:11 and 2:12.

Different learning environments

Our large facility houses a total of 7 classrooms, a large fenced in playground and 5 acres of woodlands including an outdoor classroom, a large field, and hiking trails.

Standard Classes

Our Standard classes are 9am to 12pm. We have Tues/Thurs, Mon/Wed/Fri and Monday to Friday class options.

4-Hour Classes

Our 4-Hour classes are 9am to 1pm.  We have Tues/Thurs, Mon/Wed/Fri and Monday to Friday class options. 

6-Hour Class

Our 6-Hour Pre-K class is for children that will be eligible for Kindergarten the following September. This is a 5 day class.

Nature-focused classes

Most classrooms are nature-focused which means they are outside about 50% of each day. They balances indoor and outdoor activities depending on the time of year. 

Nature-based class

We have 1 Pre-K classroom that is nature-based - 90% outside everyday. There is an outdoor classroom in the woods and there is an indoor classroom in the case of dangerous weather.

Play-based learning

Through play, children develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.